Revisiting old posts: Explode a quotation


Jamie Clark originally introduced this idea and it is something we now use at the start of every lesson.  It’s a simple idea but has had significant impact on how confident our pupils are becoming in analysing language and structure.

Each lesson we take a key quotation from a particular act or stave (dependent on what we are studying) and place onto the board.  Pupils have a copy in their booklet.Explode a quotation.jpg

Pupils begin by summarising what they understand about the quotation.  For example, who says the line, where it comes from and in what context.

Pupils then analyse the quotation, identifying key techniques and what can be inferred as a result.

As a class, we share our thoughts which helps pupils to develop their responses to a quotation and see alternative interpretations.

Having just marked a couple of sets of essays on language and structure, I have seen a significant improvement in pupils’ confidence in getting to grips with key language and structure terms.

For us now, we need to focus on transferring analytical notes into analytical paragraphs of writing.


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