1. KS3 assessment overview sheet Pupil sheet
  2. Reading Progression grid FXO Reading progression grid
  3. Writing Progression grid FXO Writing progression grid
  4. Speaking and Listening Progression grid FXOSpeaking and Listening progression grid

KS3 units

Year 7

  1. FXO Y7 Curriculum Map 2022-2023 Y7 Curriculum map
  2. FXO Y7 Reading Journal 2022-2023 Y7 Reading Journal 2022-2023 v1

Unit 1: Mythology


  1. Y7 Mythology 2022 Teacher Guide: U1 Mythology Teacher Guide
  2. Y7 Mythology 2022 Pupil booklet: U1 Mythology Pupil Booklet
  3. Y7 Mythology 2022 Accompanying Powerpoints: U1 Mythology PPT SOW
  4. Y7 Mythology 2022 Homework booklet: U1 Mythology Homework booklet
  5. Y7 Mythology 2022 Linked reading: U1 Mythology Linked reading

Unit 2: The Terrible Thing that Happened to Barnaby BrocketBarnaby Brocket

  1. Y7 Barnaby Brocket Teacher Guide 2022 U2 Novel Barnaby Brocket Teacher Guide
  2. Y7 Barnaby Brocket Pupil Booklet 2022 Unit 2 BB Pupil Booklet (1)
  3. Y7 Barnaby Brocket Knowledge Organiser U2 Novel Knowledge Organiser
  4. Y7 Barnaby Brocket Accompanying Powerpoints 2022 Unit 2 Barnaby Brocket PPT SOW
  5. Y7 Barnaby Brocket Homework Booklet 2022 U2 Novel Barnaby Brocket Homework booklet
  6. Y7 Barnaby Brocket Linked Reading 2022

Unit 3: Memoir Writing

I Capture the Castle

Y7 Memoir Writing – taken from the fabulous Elisabeth Bowling and converted into a 12 lesson scheme:

Unit 4: Poetry – identity

World Map

A unit exploring a number of poems all linked to place.


Year 8

  1. FXO Y8 Curriculum Map 2022-2023: y8-curriculum-map
  2. Y8 Reading Journal Y8 Reading journal 2022-2023 (1)

Unit 1: 19th century fiction – Settings

Setting picture

  1. Y8 19th century fiction 2022 Teacher Guide: Y8 19th century fiction Teacher guide
  2. Y8 19th century fiction 2022 Pupil Booklet: Y8 19th century fiction Pupil booklet
  3. Y8 19th century fiction 2022 Accompanying Powerpoints: Unit 1 19th century fiction PPT SOW
  4. Y8 19th century fiction 2022 Homework booklet: y8-19th-century-fiction-homework-booklet v2
  5. Y8 19th century fiction 2022 Linked reading: Y8 19th century fiction Linked reading v2

Unit 2: Protest Poetry

Amanda Gorman picture

First teaching 2022 – building unit as I go so work in progress…(Powerpoint SOW to follow)

Unseen poetry Structure strip Y8 Unseen poetry structure strip original

Unit 3: Modern Drama – Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers 2022 Booklet BB 2022 booklet (PPT version) BB 2022 booklet (PDF version)

Blood Brothers – Knowledge Organiser  BB Knowledge organiser



Unit 7: Speeches

Short burst writing: rhetorical devices Short burst writing rhetorical devices

Unit 8: 19th century novel – A Christmas Carol


Other resources

  1. Reading journal Reading journal 2021-2022
  2. Grammar workbook Grammar workbook
  3. Grammar workbook 2 Grammar workbook 2
  4. Character writing stimulus https://designbump.com/47-powerful-photographs-of-people-from-around-the-world/
  5. Reading mat for WHAT HOW WHY reading-literacy-mat (1)
  6. Imaginative writing prompts imaginative-writing-prompts11 (1)


Y9 Imaginative writing: focus on mood / atmosphere and shifts

Old units of work

Mythology unit 2021