IB English Language and Literature

Unit 1: To what extent do texts offer insights into other cultures?

Unit 2: To what extent is a text an expression of a writer’s identity?

Unit 3: How does language represent our awe and our fear for the natural world?

The Speeches of Greta Thunberg

David Attenborough documentaries

A Memoir – I am an Island by Tamsin Calidas

Unit 4: being decided…

Unit 5: To what extent do texts help readers to widen their perspective on the world?

  • The Merchant of Venice
  • United Colors of Benetton advertising campaign UCB Booklet

Unit 6: What influence does experience have on transforming behaviour?

  • Frankenstein
  • WaterAid
  • The Biography of Frida Kahlo
  • The articles of Alan Rusbridger

Paper 1

Paper 2

Individual Oral

Higher Level Essay

Other non-fictions texts

Sport’s Aid This Girl Can this-girl-can-1

Archived resources:

The Great Gatsby scheme: new-gatsby-sow

The Handmaid’s Tale scheme: The Handmaid’s Tale (4)